A new album to further explore my interested into the perception of time, and at the same time an embrace of my autism.
It is out now on CD in handmade artwork and as download.

Less Is More

In August 2021 Moving Furniture Records curated a music program accompanying the minimal art exhibition ‘Less is More’, presented by Polderlicht at Factor-IJ, Amsterdam.

On this occasion, my performance was recorded live. This CD features the full set – no edits, no cuts.

This live set merges my fascination for minimalist art and an idiosyncratic take on drone music, offering warm and organic atmospheres in which the listener drifts away, losing not only senses of time and space, but – maybe, too – oneself.

44 x 44 – Orphax Reworked

44 x 44 – Orphax Reworked Moving Furniture Records released the boxset 44 x 44 – Orphax reworked with great compositions by 7 friends, and one by myself based on my 44 x 44 sketches. The collection was received pretty well and got some lovely reviews as well. So be sure to check it out. […]

Orphax & Modelbau Split

Two giants of the Dutch experimental scene pay tribute to one another in two longform pieces. In November 2016 Frans de Waard recorded a track inspired by my music and he shared this with me, and of course I couldn’t go without response. The result can be heard on this cassette tape.Frans his track is […]

Live at Cinetol, Amsterdam 9-12-2020

On December 9th, 2020 had the pleasure to perform at Cinetol in Amsterdam twice.It were two intimate performances and the second was recorded by Mark Smith (The Sunshine Lounge) with a mobile device.When I received the recording I was so happy to hear this back and after mastering it, it sounds very warm with a […]

En de stilstaande tijd

With ‘En de stilstaande tijd’ Orphax presents a profoundly engaging and immersive soundscape which takes the listener on her/his own journey beyond time – in which time is forgotten, again, once more. A record to showcase there is much room for emotion within minimalist drone music; room Orphax shares with great composers like Eliane Radigue and Pauline Oliveros.

The Eternal Chord – Mutatis Mutandis

I was asked by Mike from Touch to contribute to this amazing compilation with new compositions based on the beautiful “The Eternal Chord – Semper Liber“ I am part of this amazing club of musicians: Fennesz, Faith Coloccia (inc. bonus track), Richard Chartier, Philip Jeck, Olivia Block, Jiyeon Kim, Dahra, Daniel Menche & Marta de Pascalis […]

Black Glass Ensemble & Friends – Be Mine in Patience: an Embrace in B minor

I contributed to this really beautiful project started by Michael Begg and the Black Glass Ensemble together with 103 other musicians. We all had to record a B minor and the separate notes. From this Michael made a beautiful composition: Be Mine in Patience: an Embrace in B minor. You can read more about the […]