For one of the events of the project “There is a wall to be crossed, and I am the wall” project by Justina Nekrašaitė I was asked to record a piece of music the participants could listen to during a part of the travel from Amsterdam to Maastricht (The Netherlands). 
Often when I am travelling in the train I listen to dreamy ambient music and while doing so I stare at the passing landscape and slowly start to day dream. 

For this work I took my own personal experiences of my travels from my own house (close to Amsterdam Amstel ) to my parents (close to Tilburg). The first part of this trip is from the moment the train starts to ride until the moment you arrive in Utrecht. On average this is 18 minutes and 16 seconds. 
During this trip you pass through various types of landscapes. You start and finish with an urban environment, but also the so typical Dutch Polders pass by. And industrial areas, or this part where you follow the Amsterdam-Rijnkanaal. 
All totally different landscapes, but always the “famous Dutch skies”. So other than in most of my music (and also the Dream Sequences) I build this composition out of different parts all with their own characteristics, while at the same time creating one overall theme. 

Listen while travelling, watching the clouds, or just whenever you want to slowly dream away.

Dream Sequence #5 is released as 3″ CD-R and digital and available here:

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