Here you can find (most of) my past and future live performances.
Sometimes this is not up-to-date, be sure to check Facebook for all upcoming events:

Upcoming Performances

2023, Januari 27th: International Film Festival Rotterdam Sound//Vission Worm Rotterdam, Boomgaartstraat 71, 3012XA, Rotterdam (w/ Coderre & Arsenault)

Past performances

2022, October 29th: Maximaal Minimaal, Factor IJ, Pampuslaan 11, Amsterdam

2022, October 20th: Bits & Pieces, Amsterdam Dance Event, Splendor, Uilenburgerstraat 116, Amsterdam (w/ Janco Verduin and Fani Konstantinidou, Tatiana Rosa, Anne La Berge Trio)

2022, September 17th: Broken20, 10 years festival, Iklectik, Old Paradise Yard 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG, London, UK (w/ TVO and TBA)

2022, September 16th: Echoic Memory Presents Scanner with support from Orphax, Cube Cinema, Dove Streeth South, Kingsdom, Bristol, UK (w/ Scanner)

2022, May 13th: Aus Den Sieben Tagen by Karlheinz Stockhausen by Gareth Davis, Dario Calderone, Markéta Schaffartzik and Sietse van Erve, A Lab, Overhoeksplein 2, Amsterdam, NL

2022, June 19th: Sunday Sounds with Bhajan Bhoy invites… Tolhuistuin, IJpromenade 2, 1031KT, Amsterdam, NL (w/ Bhajan Bhoy)

2022, June 10th: Strupping Mahlen, Kulturausbesserungswerk / KAW, Kolberger Straße 95 a, Leverkussen, DE (w/ Modelbua, Multer, [ B O L T ] and Recorded Home)

2022, May 13th: Aus Den Sieben Tagen by Karlheinz Stockhausen by Gareth Davis, Dario Calderone, Markéta Schaffartzik and Sietse van Erve, Kunstkapel, Prinses Irenstraat 19, Amsterdam, NL

2022, April 22nd: Groundshakes Festival, Bieslookstraat, 23 9731HH, Groningen, NL (w/ Transtilla, ao)

2021, December 11th, Moving Furniture Recordsw Festival, Cafe De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, Amsterdam (w/ Fani Konstantinidou, Gagi Petrovic & Coen Oscar Polack)

2021, October 29th, WORM Rotterdam, Boomgaardstraat 71, 3012XA, Rotterdam (w/ PoiL)

2021, August 14th: Less Is More, Factor IJ, Pampuslaan 11, 1087HP, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2020, December 9th: Cinetol, Tolstraat 182, 1074VM, Amsterdam. (/w Bhajan Bhoy)

2020, May 6th: Live at Further_in, streaming through Further_in website/Twitch (/w TVO, Production Unit and others)

2020, March 22nd: Live In Your Living Room, streaming through YouTube.

2020, February 28th: Sounds From The East, Tugela85, Tugela 85, Amsterdam (collaboration with Noud Verhave)

2020, January 26th: Slow Evolution, Splendor, Nieuwe Uilenburgerstraat 116, 1011LX, Amsterdam, NL (w/ Maguire/La Berge duo)

2019, November 16th: H.A.N.S, Schoolstraat 87, Goor, NL (w/ Transtilla)

2019, Septemer 14th: Moving Furniture Records Festival: De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, 1031HD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ Radboud Mens, Frans de Waard & Martijn Comes duo, Distorted Nude, Cinema Perdu and Tapage, Roald van Dillewijn & Gareth Davis duo)

2019, July 4th: Cinetoon: De Nijverheid, Nijverheidskade 15, 3534AM, Utrecht.

2019, June 27th: OCCII Benefit show: De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, 1031HD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands ( w/ Hadow/Sola duo)

2019, May 3rd: MKM, OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134, 1075XL, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ Samara Lubelski & Bill Nace, Jef Mertens (Taping Policies)

2019, March 24th: Centrala, Unit 4, Minerva Works, 158 Fazeley Street, B5 5RT, Birmingham, United Kingdom (w/ Wolf Eyes (solo sets by Nate Young, John R. Spykes, Wild Rani, Simon Paton and Yellow6)

2019, March 23rd: Blacking Out With…Scanner. Iklectik, Old Paradise Yard 20 Carlisle Lane, SE1 7LG, London, United Kingdom (w/ Scanner, Joseph Branciforte)

2019, February 16th: Vondst x De Perifeer: Distorted Nude & Orphax. Lebuïnuskerk, Deventer, The Netherlands(w/ Distorted Nude)

2019, February 8th: Sounds from the east: Tugela85, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ Noud Verhave)

2018, December 7th: Jazzblazzt: Oefenbunker, Heerlenseweg 162, Landgraaf, The Netherlands (w/ Möthra! and Krishna)

2018, November 24th: Popronde Amsterdam, Melkweg, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2018, October 12th: Popronde Tilburg: Sounds, Nieuwlandstraat 33, Tilburg, The Netherlands

2018, October 11th: Popronde Utrecht: Swordfish & Friend: Oudkerkhof 43, Utrecht, The Netherlands

2018, October 6th: Popronde Haarlem: DeDAKKAS, De Witstraat 1A, Haarlem. The Netherlands

2018, October 5th: Popronde Den Bosch: 2 Performances in Willem Twee Studios, and Willem Twee Concertzaal, Den Bosch, The Netherlands

2018, September 27th: Kernel Panic: Studio Loos, De Constant Rebecqueplein 20B, 2518 RA The Hague, Netherlands (w/ Reinier van Houdt and Juan Antonio Nieto)

2018, September 15th: Uitfeest Utrecht, Vechtclub XL (Studio Patrick) Europalaan 2B, 3526 KS Utrecht (w/ PONI a.o)

2018, September 13th: Popronde Nijmegen: De Klinker, Van Broeckhuysenstraat 46, Nijmegen, The Netherlands.

2018, August 18th: Ruisburo: Orphax & Roald van Dillewijn, Cafe De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, 1031HD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2018, May 3rd: STEIM ConnectorXI: Moving Furniture Records, Broedplaats Lely, Schipluidenlaan 12, Amsterdam (w/ Modelbau and Cinema Perdu)

2018, March 28th: VARISCOOP, Theater De Jungle, Tweede van Swindenstraat 26,1093 VS Amsterdam

2018, March 15th: Touch Label Night Cafe De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, 1031HD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ Philip Jeck and Yann Novak)

2018, February 18th: Sounds Like Soup #18 De Groene Gemeenschap, Barkasstraat 7A, 1086VJ, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ Fani Konstantinidou, Felipe Ignacio Noriega and Marije Baalman)

2018, January 19th: VROOOM Pink Pank, Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

2017, December 15th: Fairphone Christmas Party, private concert, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017, November 16th: Family Film Project, Maus Hábitos, R. de Passos Manuel 178, 4º Piso, Porto, Portugal.

2017, November 12th: Le Guess Who? 12 Hour Drone Fest. Utrecht, The Netherlands (W/ Hellvete, Leo Svirsky, Martijn Comes, Ellen Arkbro, Jessica Moss, and more)

2017, October 8th: Ruisburo: Minus Pilots, Machinefabriek & Orphax: De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, 10131 HD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017, September 15th: The Instrument Room #17: BANK Ruimte voor kunst en kunstenaars. Haarlemmerweg 506, Toren c, 1014BL, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (W/ Jerke Yurki  & Chris Meighan)

2017, July 9th: secret show in Berlin.

2017, July 7th: Spektrum: Bürknerstraße 12 12047 Berlin, Germany (W/ Kardinal & Monocube)

2017, July 6th: Common Ground: Weise Straße 24, Berlin, Germany (W/ Ezdanitof)

2017, July 30th: De Besturing: Saturnusstraat 89-91, Den Haag, The Netherlands (W/ BBQ when good weather)

2017, June 17th: Houtnacht: Haarlemmerhout, Haarlem (2 short sets in a caravan)

2017, June 7th: Ruisburo: Sarah Davachi & Orphax (replacing Martijn Comes): De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, 10131 HD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

2017, April 6th: Ruisburo: One Man Drone Night: De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, 10131 HD, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ Ræpen and A Million Squeeks Will Do You No Harm)

2017, April 16th: SOTU Festival: De Vondelbunker, Vondelpark 8, 1071AA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ John Ew Band ao.)

2017, January 7th: Van Onderen Festival: Paradiso, weteringschans 6-8, 1017SG, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Collaboration with Martijn Comes, w/ Glice, The Ex a.o)

2016, November 26th: Grensverkenningen Festival: De Pletterij, Lange Herenvest 122, 2011BX, Haarlem, The Netherlands

2016, October 29th: Tilburg Voor Cultuur Nacht at Duvelhok: Sint Josephstraat 133, 5017 GG Tilburg, Netherlands. Collaboration with PONI, curated by Incubate.

2016, September 16th: Opening Eighteen 29: Ernest Staesstraat 17-3, 1061CA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Expo opening with work by Dominykas Canderis, I play at 21:00)

2016, September 8th: Incubate “Moving Furniture Records Showcase”: Paradox, Telegraafstraat 62, 5038BM, Tilburg, The Netherlands (w/ BJ Nilsen, TVO and Edgars Rubenis)

2016, August 27th: Katie’s Farewell Party (private party in Amsterdam)

2016, July 8th: De Ruimte, Distelweg 83, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ Chen Mulian and Zen Lu)

2016, June 4th: PALAZZO: Living room concert in Antwerp, Belgium (w/ Matthieu C Vergez and Holy Void)

2016, June 3rd: Silken Tofu label night: Logos Tetrahedron, Bomastrat 26/28 Gent, Belgium (w/ Feine Trinkers Bei Pinkels Daheim)

2016, May 28th: H.A.N.S.: Living room concert in Goor, The Netherlands (w/ Stratosphere)

2016, May 27th: White Suit Projections: Veldhstraat 4, 6533CC, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (w/ Bo Hymne and art expo by Maja Badnjevic)

2016, May 26th: Sessionview XII: STEIM, Achtergracht 19, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ ???)

2016, April 16th: Danielle Liebeskind release party: RURU-huis, Arnhem, The Netherlands (w/ Danielle Liebeskind, Wooden Horse Toy and Mummy’s A Tree)

2016, February 28th: Willem II High School Reunion: Paradox, Tilburg. Improvisatie with Bram Stadhouders, Japser Stadhouders & Onno Govaert

2015, October 2nd: Fair Label Night #2: Moving Furniture Records & Esc.Rec.: Extrapool, Tweede Wal 5, Nijmegen (w/ Zeno van den Broek, Jorg and Jeroen Diepenmaat)

2015, July 4th: ✞ Roof Terrace Consecration ✞: private party for Martijn Comes (w/ Hessel Veldman and Matto Frank)

2015, June 20th: Barreuh Label Avond: Vera Downstage,  Oosterstraat 44, 9711NV, Groningen (w/ Van der Putten & Galerreta and more)

2015, June 13th: Dauw Label Living Room Concert: location to be confirmed (w/ Edgars Rubenis)

2015, June 6th: Eindhoven Psych Lab: Effenaar, Dommestrat 2, 5611CK, Eindhoven (as part of Barreuh Records showcase)

2015, May 24th: Vechtclub XL, Gonzo (circus) and Moving Furniture Records present: Moving Furniture Records Showcase: Vechtclub XL, Europalaan 2B, 3526KS, Utrecht (w/ Hellvete and Zeno van den Broek)

2015, April 3rd: Collectief De Derde Wal, Waalbandijk 22, Nijmegen, The Netherlands (w/ Sindre Bjerga and Modelbau)

2015, April 1st: Moving Furniture Records Presents: OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ Sindre Bjerga and Modelbau)

2015, March 28th: Hotel Suburbia: Vrijplaats Middelstegracht, Middelstegracht 36, Leiden, The Netherlands (w/ Sindre Bjerga)

2015, March 21th: STRP Festival: Klokgebouw Hal D, Klokgebouw 50, Eindhoven (w/ Julien Mier, Cantanta and more)

2015, February 12th: SOTU Benefiet Bunker: Vondelbunker, Vondelpark 8, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ Kees Peerdeman, Trance/Human and Plattegrond Soundsystem

2015, January 26th: Oorsprong Curators Series: Poortgebouw, Tolhuisweg 2, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Improv with Coen Oscar Polack and Alfredo Genovesi)

2014, December 8th: Frozen Waves: Bimhuis, Piet Heinkade 3, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ Thomas Köner and Yannick Franck)

2014, June 21st: Hanging In Sound: CBK Amsterdam, Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 71, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ Harpo ‘t Hart and Machinefabriek)

2014, May 9th: Lo-Tronic: De Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht, The Netherlands (w/JSCA and Korgos)

2014, March 28th: CultZoo: De Kargadoor, Oudegracht 36, Utrecht, The Netherlands (w/ Caedan and Coen Cornelis)

2014, March 8th: White Light White Heat Club Presents: De Groote Weiver, Industrieweg 1a, Wormerveer (w/ Ab Baars Trio)

2014, February 23rd: Sounds Like Soup: De Groene gemeenschp, Barkasstraat 7, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (3 sets)

2014, January 12th: Optimus Prime Noisefest IV: NS16, NS Plein 16, Tilburg, The Netherlands (w/ Hexeneiche, Those Foreign Kids, Svartvit, Core Shift and many others)

2013, December 16th: Oorsprong Curators Series: Poortgebouw, Tolhuisweg 2, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Improv with Michiel van der Weerthof and Roald van Dillewijn).

2013, November 1st: 25 Years Majjem Radio: Café Splinter, Venlo, The Netherlands (w/ Dagora and Electric Mud)

2013, September 12th: Kulter. presents: Delicatessen @ Pakhuis Wilhelmina, Veemkade 574, Amsterdam, The Netherlands (w/ Sontag Shotgun and  Daniel Merrill)

2013, May 9th: SOTU FestivalLost Property, e Leeuw van Vlaanderenstraat 33, Amsterdam (w/ Native Eloquence and Halvis)

2012, November 11th: Moving Furniture Records Presents: MFR HQ (living room show), Amsterdam, Netherlands (w/ Concern)

2012, February 23th: MKM!: OCCII, Amstelveenseweg 134, Amsterdam, Netherlands (w/ Dagora + Mik Quantius, Sindre Bjerga, Andrew Perry and Staplerfahrer)

2011, December 20th: Proeflokaal #92: Muziekhuis Utrecht, Loevenhoutsedijk 301, Utrecht (w/ For Ail, AuxPulse, The Void Pointers & Florian Wittenburg)

2011, November 25th: Kernel Panic: Cafe De Vinger, Bagijnestraart 25, Den Haag, Netherlands (w/ Capslock, Ella Empress and the Layers of Reality and Mouches Volantes)

2011, October 23th: MKM!: OCCII,  Amstelveeenseweg 134, Amsterdam, Netherlands (w/ Charalambides, Gunn & Truscinski Duo, Alan Marshall)

2011, February 26th: (H)-ear: kuS, Willemstraat 91a, Heerlen, Netherlands (w/ Jos Smolders and DVD screening of Paul Devens)

2010, December 11th: Castle Space Sound Festival: Kasteel de Berckt, De Berckt 1, Baarlo, The Netherlands (w/ Dieter Moebius, Apellation Controllee and many others)

2010, November 4th: Room Service, Droevendaelsesteeg 95, Wageningen as part of festival at different student rooms.

2010, November 6th: Baupltz #4, Kunstcentrum Venlo, Venlo (w/ Dirk Serries and N)

2010, March 20th: Vatican-Analog presents, Zwijsenpand, Tilburg (w/ Chefkirk and Paddo One Obie One)

2009, November 6th: Een avond van Experiment, Galerie Kelderman van Noort, Eindhoven, NL (w/ Ruistuin, Phase Alternating Line and Staplerfahrer)

2009, October 21st: Le Club Suburbia, OCCII, Amsterdam (w/ Cave and The Julie Mittens)

2009, February 14th: Festival Mooie Woorden, Akademietheater, Utrecht (w/ Machinefabriek and more)

2008, December 6th: Astral Dub Jamz, Kunstpodium T, Tilburg (w/ Family Battle Snake and Weirding Module)

2008, Ocotber 31st: Lo-Friday, De Kargadoor, Utrecht (w/ Rosa Parks)

2008, August 15th: Zomeravonden, Maastricht (w/ Staplerfahrer, Beequeen, Zonderland and many more)

2008, August 2nd: Aaike & Hajni wedding, Kisbajom, Hungary (Performance at the wedding of my friends Aaike & Hajni)

2008, April 6th: Eat This Media, Café Averechts, Utrecht (Gruizig & Prettig DJ-Set with Wouter van Veldhoven and The Puddle Parade)

2008, Feb 3th: InterZone, Café Averechts, Utrecht

2007, Oct 25th, 2007: Lab30, Abraxas, Augsubrg, Germany. (w/ Wouter van Veldhoven, Deep and many more)

2007, Sept 23th: ZXZW, Tilburg (Festival w/ MoHa, Ignatz and many more)

2007, August 19th: Orphax versus The Village Orchestra, McSorleys, Glasgow, Scotland. (solo set and collaboration with The Village Orchestra)

2007, May 15th: Gruizig & Prettig, Cul de Sac, Tilburg. (w/ Wouter van Veldhoven, Soccer Committee, The Puddle Parade and more)

2006, September 30th: Elastopop, Uilenstede, Amstelveen

2006, June 16th: Instant Music Tour, Extrapool, Nijmegen (improv w/ Danielle Lemaire, Albert van Abbe and Bertin)

2006, June 14th: Instant Music Tour, Worm, Rotterdam (improv w/ Danielle Lemaire, Albert van Abbe and Bertin)

2006, June 12th: Instant Music Tour, Kraakgeluiden, Amsterdam (improv w/ Danielle Lemaire, Albert van Abbe and Bertin)

2006, June 9th,: Instant Music Tour, Theater Kikker, Utrecht (improv w/ Danielle Lemaire, Albert van Abbe and Bertin)

2006, January 19th: TAC, Eindhoven, The Netherlands (w/ aMute)

2005, October 27th: Dutch Mulch Convention, OT301, Amsterdam (w/ Roel Meelkop, Jos Smolders, Korhan Erel, Ross Bencina)

2005, October 1st: Interzone, Theater Kikker, Utrecht (DJ Set w/ Wouter van Veldhoven, Swerve, Mitchell Akiyama, Machinefabriek and more)

2005, March 19th: Netstock 2005, global internet festival (w/ Marcia Blaine School For Girls, Ubeboet, Tomas Jirku, and more)

2005, February 15th: Proeflokaal #34, Theater Kikker, Utrecht

2004, November 7th: Lab30, Augsburg, Germany (Solo and a collaboration with The Village Orchestra and a collaboration with Psy-Sci and toyzRme)

2004, May 15th: Lab30, Augsburg, Germany (w/ Kilowatts & Vanek and more)

2004, April 1st: Vrienden van Brand Live #1, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam.

2003, September 5-6th: Uilenpop, Grifioen, Amstelveen. As Alan Ford (collaboration with LB Electronix and Marnix bij de Vaate)

2002, March 10th: Toon Festival, Bar Willendorf, Haarlem (w/ Living Ornaments, Hydrus and Garçon Taupe, my first gig ever, together with friend Luka Bilbija also known as LB Electronics)


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