Below you can find my full discography of work. Some is still available, some is not. This is just an overview. Find the releases available on my Bandcamp here: or look at the labels websites. 


Echoic Memory (Self-released, 2023)
Orphax & Phil Maguire – Rimpels / (sang in the wet trees) (Split tape) (Bivalve, 2022)
Het Conglomeraat (Now DATs What I Call Music, 2022)
Spectrum (Self-released, 2022)
Less Is More (Moving Furniture Records, 2022)
44 x 44 – Orphax Reworked by TVO, Modelbau, Fani Konstantinidou, Machinefabriek, Jos Smolders, Elif Yalvaç, Siavash Amini and Orphax (Moving Furniture Records, 2021)
Orphax & Modelbau Split (Invisible City Records, 2021)
Live at Cinetol, Amsterdam 9-12-2020 (Self-released, 2021)
En De Stilstaande Tijd ‎(Moving Furniture Records, 2020)
Black Glass Ensemble & Friends – Be Mine in Patience: an Embrace in B minor (Omnempathy, 2020)
Mijmeringen ‎(Broken20, 2020)
Embraced Imperections (Self-released, 2020)
Live In Your Living Room (Self-released, 2020)
TVO & Orphax – Quiet Iconoclast (Broken20, Moving Furniture Record, 2020)
Orphax by Freiband – Slow Piano Music ‎(Self-released, 2020)
Live Circles (Moving Furniture Records, 2019)
44×44 (Self-released, 2019)
Saxophone Studies (Moving Furniture Records, 2019)
A Summer’s End ‎(Low Point, 2019)
Live at De Ruimte 15.03.2018 ‎(Touch, Touch Radio 138, 2018)
2.20 ‎(Moving Furniture Records, 2017)
Warschauer Straße ‎(Opa Loka Records, 2017)
Orphax & Machinefabriek – Weerkaatsing ‎(Moving Furniture Records, 2017)
Somniātōrēs ‎(Self-released, 2017)
Martijn Comes & Orphax – Untitled ‎(Self-released, 2017)
The Empty Room ‎(Broken20, 2016)
Music for Thái Ngọc ‎(Self-released, 2016)
Time Waves ‎(Moving Furniture Records, 2016)
As Yet Untitled ‎(Silken Tofu, 2016)
Storm (Self-released, 2015)
over hoe De Regte Heide ‎(Barreuh Records, 2015)
Under The Dutch Sky ‎(Moving Furniture Records, 2014)
Un Cœur, Deux Cœurs, Un Cœur, Sans Cœur ‎(Broken20, 2013)
De Tragedie Van Een Liedjesschrijver Zonder Woorden (Moving Furniture Records, 2013)
Confused (Self-released, 2012)
Live At NetstockFest, March 19th, 2005 ‎(Self-released, 2005)
Sand In Boxes ‎(Verato Project, 2005)
In A Long Night ‎(Self-released, 2004)
Oniscus Asellus (Self-released, 2003 / Moving Furniture Records, 2014)
Suppressing An Unpleasant Feeling (Or The Day The World Trembled Down) (Self-released, 2002)
Sæti (Self-released, 2002)

Singles & EPs

Drifting Flower (Self-Released, 2022)
Piano Music (Moving Furniture Records, 2019)
In The Beginning (Self-released, 2019)
Music For Taâlem (Self-released, 2019)
Circles ‎(Self-released, 2018)
Dream Sequence #5 ‎(Self-released, 2018)
Dream Sequence #4 (Self-released, 2017)
Dream Sequence #3 (Taâlem, 2017)
Studies In Dissonance ‎(Champion Version, 2017)
Dream Sequence #2 ‎(Self-released, 2016)
Dream Sequence #1 ‎(Self-released, 2015)
Undone (Self-released, 2014)
Live At De Groote Weiver ‎(Self-released, 2014)
Live In Venlo (Orphax Self-released, 2013)
Live At MFR HQ ‎(Moving Furniture Records, 2013)
Live At OCCII, October 23th, 2011 ‎(Self-released, 2012)
Die Helden Sind Nicht Mehr ‎(Self-released, 2011)
A Room With A View ‎(Striate Cortex, 2011)
Turn Loose The Goose ‎(Self-released, 2009)
Drowning In A Pool Of Trees ‎(Self-released, 2008)
Proof Of Conspiracy ‎(Cut Hands, 2007)
In Your Eyes I Get Lost EP ‎(Self-released, 2004)
Untitled (2003) ‎(Self-released, 2003)
As The Stone Falls It Wont Come Up Again EP ‎(Self-released, 2003)


Haarvöl, Jos Smolders, Orphax, Machinefabriek – Dream Sequences Volume 1 Orphax Reframed ‎(Moving Furniture Records, 2018)
Blended: compilation tracks and remixes ‎(Self-released, 2015)
Sunlights Are Fading ‎(, 2006)

Compilation appearances

Struppig Mahlen, Struppig Mahlen (Licht-ung, 2023)
Fani Konstantinidou & Orphax – Twee Stemmig, This Is Release MFR100 (Moving Furniture Records, 2022)
Oscillations & Tubes, Homework – Year 5 (taâlem, 2020)
Freiband & Orphax – Piano Music Redux, Moving Music: Sounds From The Rocking Chair ‎(Moving Furniture Records, 2020)
Improvisation For Taâlem, Homework – Year 3 ‎(taâlem, 2018)
Improvised Sounds For DV, Monochrome Visions (For Dmitry Vasilyev) (KormDigitaal, 2018)
Dream Sequence #3 Remix (Homework – Year 2 (2017)
Chris Dooks & Orphax – Alpenglühn – Orphax Stem, Artists for Oona: AlpenOo Chris Dooks self-released, 2017)
Jeremy Young & Orphax – Loop 60 (Untitled), The Chants Beneath Project new sound works (Jeremy Young Self-released, 2015
Summit (Short Version), A Building So Vast It Begins To Look Like The Sky (Broken20, 2015)
Ochtendgloren Boven De Ijzige Vlakte, Drone Records * Newslist April 2015 ‎(Drone Records, 2015)
Live at Optimus Prime Noisefest 4, Optimus Prime Noisefest 4 ‎(Vatican Analog, 2014
Denkmal Für Die Ermordeten Juden Europas, With New Eyes: Grüse Aus Berlin ‎(Self-released Katrien Ligt, 2010)
Don’t Come Back, One Minute Massacre Volume 3 (SoulSeek Records, 2007)
A Day Of Sunshine, Track 13 ‎(Gonzo Circus, 2006)
New Dawn Fades, September 2005 Minimag Featured Tracks (Postunder Records, 2005)
When Jeffrey Finds The Ear and Daigoro & Orphax – 1 + 1, Promo #25 (Soulseek Records, 2004)
F E D D E, Soulseek Allstarts Volume 1 (SoulSeek Records, 2004)
Glass and Then, We’re Running Out Of West (Narrominded, 2001)


Kilowatts & Vanek – Hold Please (Orphax Remix) (Harmonious Discord, 2023)
The Eternal Chord – Aeternus, Mutatis Mutandis (Touch / Spire, 2020)
Sontag Shogun – It Billows Up (Orphax Remix), It Billows Up Remixed, Vol. 2 ‎(Youngbloods, 2020)
Martijn Comes – Interrogation Of The Crystalline Sublime Remix, Interrogation Of The Crystalline Sublime (Moving Furniture Records, 2017)
Kenneth Kirschner – January 2, 1999 (Orphax Remix), Imperfect Forms – The Music of Kenneth Kirschner Remixed (Tokafi, 2014)
Accrual – Aleph (Orphax Remix), Cheophiori (Moving Furniture Records, 2014)
Erstlaub – On Subducting An Island, Dark Archipelagos (Highpoint Lowlife, 2007)
The Marcia Blaine School For Girls – Still (Orphax Remix), Halfway Into The Woods (Remix EP) ‎(Highpoint Lowlife, 2006)