Less Is More

In August 2021 Moving Furniture Records curated a music program accompanying the minimal art exhibition ‘Less is More’, presented by Polderlicht at Factor-IJ, Amsterdam. Alongside performances by Reinier van Houdt, Coen Oscar Polack and Fani Konstantinidou, I had the pleasure to also play my music in front of beautiful artwork, like the painting by Wladimir Zwaagstra (as used on my new CD, which you can see on the right)

On this occasion, my performance was recorded live. This CD features the full set – no edits, no cuts.

This live set merges my fascination for minimalist art and an idiosyncratic take on drone music, offering warm and organic atmospheres in which the listener drifts away, losing not only senses of time and space, but – maybe, too – oneself.

Less Is More is my 7th live album, and released by Moving Furniture Records as CD and download, and is also available through all streaming platforms. 

CD limited to 200 or digital available in the Moving Furniture Records webshop.

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