On Friday February 11th my new 3″ CD-R EP will come out.
It goes by the title “Die Helden Sind Nicht Mehr”, which is a quote taken from the motion picture Himmel Über Berlin.
This reference also comes back in the music where several different samples from the film are used.

The music is quite a drift away from what you are used from me. There are beats and (hidden) melodies.
All music was recorded at a live performance in Theater Kikker on February 15th, 2005. So it can be considered as an old recording, but the sound is still fresh and got an edit in November 2010, after which it got mastered by Jos Smolders.

The 3″ CD-R comes in a small sized DVD Box and is limited to 55 copies, which can be purchased through Bandcamp for 7 euro (excl. shipping). Here you can also buy it in digital format (mp3, FLAC and more) for 2,50 euro.
All orders before release date will be send out February 10th, 2011 or later.

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