A bit of a long post, but still really want to share this, because it is important to me to share this.

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I almost never post about my personal feelings and thoughts on here, and won’t go into too many details now either.
I rather do that with music, as I will do now as well.
This time some very personal music I wrote.
This because today is for me personally a rather important day.

It is the day my 7″ Piano Music is being released. Considering how much music I already release you might wonder why, but please read on, because this one is for me different (although I stand behind all music I have released).

It is one of my most personal works I have recorded up-to-date. The music on this 7″ is about closure and trying the leave things behind, how difficult this might sometimes be.
It is about making the wrong decisions and regretting those, but also learning to cope with these and the move on.

Unfortunately for me the closure is still not there, but it is work in progress.
The initial plan was to have this released in May last year, but due to pressings issues, there were insane delays. And on top of this, the 7″ hasn’t arrived yet. It should have but seems UPS couldn’t make it after all and now only comes on Monday. I got to hear this today and somehow it really touched me.

But well, hope still all of you will check this out, either on the Bandcamp link above or otherwise in your preferred streaming service, which you can find with this link: https://orcd.co/d73q8jp

Your support, in any way (even a brief message if you liked what you heard), will be very appreciated and loved and maybe help me a bit forward.
Much love 

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