Quiet Iconoclast

Quiet Iconoclast – compiled and mixed by TVO

For the crowd-funding campaign of my label Moving Furniture Records I asked friends to help out. 
My dear friend Ruaridh Law from TVO jumped in and took the job on him to go through my full catalogue and make a special mix out of this. 

In the mix you will hear the following tracks:
Orphax & TVO Live In Augsburg 7-11-04
Drowning In A Pool Of Trees
As The Winter Falls Over
Live Circles Remix
Live In Venlo
Aristostomias Scintillans
Proof Of Conspiracy
Music For Thai Ngoc
Dream Sequence #1
A Summer’s End
Under The Dutch Sky
Undone 3
Orphax & TVO live Glasgow 19-08-07

The album was released as limited CD-R with exclusive inserts in edition limited to 20. 
Both TVO and I have made the release available digital and you can find it in my own shop here: https://orphax.bandcamp.com/album/quiet-iconoclast