Rimpels / Sang in the wet trees (split with Phil Maguire)

Two fascinating, focussed long-form pieces respectively by Orphax and Phil Maguire. Whereas ‘Rimpels’ is an entrancing drone work of gradually thickening harmonics, ‘(sang in the wet trees)’ traces continuous slow motion through spring reverb feedback sonics.

Orphax is Sietse van Erve, known also for the influential label Moving Furniture Records.

Phil Maguire is an artist from Scotland working with sound.


Vital Weekly, Frans de Waard

Presented here are two sides of the drone coin. I am sure these two gentlemen know each other, perhaps even personally, but I am not sure why they ended up on this split cassette. They are a good match. Of the two, Orphax is best known/most reviewed on these pages, easily close to forty times. Sietse van Erve’s drone project always pleases me. I have seen many of his concerts, and one of the interesting aspects of his music is that he always finds a new twist within the limitations of drones. ‘Rimpels’ (meaning ripples in English) sound like a calm sea, with slow ripples emanating from the core, spreading them apart. Orphax finds multiple harmonics and has them close together yet, also distinctly apart. Over nineteen minutes, Orpahx slowly opens a few filters and changes the sound colour from darkish to lightish. The ending is always abrupt; somehow, it is never easy to end a drone. I have not reviewed Phil Maguire’s music as often as the music by Orphax. Hiss ‘(sang in the wet trees)’ works with “spring reverb feedback sonics”, but don’t let the word feedback distract you. As with Tim Olive’s forays into the world of spring reverb feedback, Maguire exercises a lot of control. Control to the effect of a standstill. Changes arrive gradually, but it no longer works to a crescendo, however small it could be, as Orphax just did. However, small changes are constantly coming within the music, maybe causing more ripples than Orphax. Less straightforward, this piece also has a more mysterious quality to it. Orphax’s drones serve a different purpose, I should think. Great release! (FdW)

You can get copies of the tape, as well as the full digital release, through Bivalve https://bvlv.bandcamp.com/album/rimpels-sang-in-the-wet-trees

Or if you want to support me directly you can find it on my Bandcamp with only my track: Rimpels (this is a temporary link).

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