I have created a remix as part of the Chants Beneath The Furnace Brook Project by Jeremy Young among 120 other great musicians like Goh Lee Kwang, Yann Novak, Tom Carter, Nils Quak, Brian Lavelle, Alberto Boccardi, Janek Schaefer and so many others.


The Chants Beneath Project is a living archive of newly commissioned sound works for 120 international sonic artists, each based on a unique single edition doublesided cassette-tape loop cut from Jeremy Young’s 50-minute piece entitled, “Chants Beneath The Bed Of The Furnace Brook”. These works are not for sale (except should the artists choose to release them) but will forever be freely available for listening.

Read more about the project by Jeremy Young here: http://chantsbeneath.net

You can download and stream the whole project (which is a growing thing till all 120 artists have finished their piece) on bandcamp here: https://jeremyyoung.bandcamp.com/album/the-chants-beneath-project-new-sound-works

Listen to my specific track in the player below

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