For a great project involving the work of Kenneth Kirschner I was asked to make a remix.
My remix is now available as part of the bigger release Imperfect Forms.

For this project I choose to remix the track January 2 1999 (click to download the original .FLAC).
For the remix I have sampled some of the piano sounds and used those to create low pitched and high pitched drones. During the mix the original piano sounds also appear clear and processed, in such a way where I try to create a balance between the quite passages and the louder piano.

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Also in the piece I play with the contrast of the sounds using a low drone during the higher piano sounds and a high drone during the lower piano sounds.
To hear the result you can now listen to my remix on SoundCloud.

But be sure to get the full release for free to download (or pay what you want). It includes remixes by Dirk Serries, Steinbruchel, Tomas Philips and many others, videos an essay and more:  https://tokafi.bandcamp.com/album/imperfect-forms-the-music-of-kenneth-kirschner-remixed

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