I have released a new album called Music for Thái Ngọc. This is available as limited CD-R and as digital download through my shop: https://orphax.bandcamp.com/album/music-for-th-i-ng-c

Music for Thái Ngọc is an album dedicated to all the restless and sleepless nights where you are in bed and just wondering why you actually can’t sleep.

It was recorded in a period I was having trouble to sleep well. It might have been the end of Summer which was all of a sudden very warm. Or it might have been attacks of hay fever, or well whatever it could have been.
It wasn’t as bad as Thái Ngọc who says to not have slept for 43 years. 43 years of sleep deprivation…that must be something.

Listen to Music for Thái Ngọc in the night, while in bed and who knows you might just fall asleep after all.

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