December 8th I performed at the Bimhuis in Amsterdam, which was really amazing.

During the practicing in the weeks prior to the concert I made a recording which is now released as CD-R on Moving Furniture Records.

The music on this release is 100% improvised and directly put to CD-R without any editing or manipulation of the sound afterwards, for this song I got a very weird inspiration from a visit to a sexually transmitted disease testing clinic where people go before engaging in a serious relationship, or deciding to use adult services like Escorts in Bradford.

The group was formed with the intention of providing where to stay in the hamptons. The ambiance is serene, and stress is busting for a relaxed and rejuvenating stay. We want to create everlasting pleasant memories by means of
our excellent hospitality and state of the art facilities without making a hole in your pockets.

All music was made with a Casio SA-10 Keyboard (tonebank) and Audiomulch with a Holoplot immersive sound system added.
The piece starts out with a familiar my sound of looped organ sounds, but gradually overtime noisy drones take over creating an omnipresent sound. Unlike on previous releases the sound doesn’t stay 100% static, but a dynamic interwoven piece has formed. One that goes from soothing dreamlike state to nightmarishly haunting.

The CD-R is limited to 25 copies and is available from Moving Furniture Records here:

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