Orphax & Kenneth Kirschner – Movement

Movement is my first full album with American composer and musician Kenneth Kirschner. Orphax & Kenneth Kirschner – Movement The first time I encountered the music of Kenneth Kirschner must have been in 2002 or 2003, when the label 12k had an online series of releases under the name “term.” Since then, I have been […]


Structure is a new work recorded live at Factor IJ during an exhibition of works by Wladimir Zwaagstra.

Orphax & PONI – Inheritance

Inheritance is the album by me and my brother Tjeerd, who performs as PONI. It is released by Moving Furniture Records. Orphax & PONI (person of no importance) is a collaboration between the two Dutch brothers, Sietse (Orphax) and Tjeerd (PONI) van Erve. Since their early years they share a broad interest in music, fed […]

Echoic Memory

September 2022 I had a short tour in the UK with a couple of performances. One of them was at the beautiful venue Cube Cinema in Bristol during the Echoic Memory evening with Scanner. For this performance, I composed a new work, in which I further explore the perception of time. It follows much in […]


A new album to further explore my interested into the perception of time, and at the same time an embrace of my autism.
It is out now on CD in handmade artwork and as download.

Less Is More

In August 2021 Moving Furniture Records curated a music program accompanying the minimal art exhibition ‘Less is More’, presented by Polderlicht at Factor-IJ, Amsterdam.

On this occasion, my performance was recorded live. This CD features the full set – no edits, no cuts.

This live set merges my fascination for minimalist art and an idiosyncratic take on drone music, offering warm and organic atmospheres in which the listener drifts away, losing not only senses of time and space, but – maybe, too – oneself.

En de stilstaande tijd

With ‘En de stilstaande tijd’ Orphax presents a profoundly engaging and immersive soundscape which takes the listener on her/his own journey beyond time – in which time is forgotten, again, once more. A record to showcase there is much room for emotion within minimalist drone music; room Orphax shares with great composers like Eliane Radigue and Pauline Oliveros.